Where did our Original
Keto Jerky come from:

Keto Jerky Co. launched with three core flavors which include Original Smokehouse Beef Jerky, Scotch Bonnet Beef Jerky, and Sweet BBQ Turkey Jerky. We have a true passion for keto & beef jerky, but like many of you will see if you look at the other companies, Everything besides original flavor tends to be loaded with carbs and sugars. Finding a good tasting jerky that was compatible with the “Keto” diet is almost impossible. So we created Keto Jerky focusing on authentic handcrafted Keto Friendly beef & turkey jerky! The flavorful ketogenic snack you have been waiting for is now here!

Keto Jerky Co Beef Jerky Turkey Jerky
keto jerky co fun in the kitchen sweet bbq turkey jerky

Let’s dive into our Original
Scotch Bonnet Beef Jerky:

Keto Jerky Co. is proud to have Scotch Bonnet Beef Jerky, as one of our authentic handcrafted beef jerkys. When many companies think about a spicy flavor profile they tend to always seek out Jalapeños or Habaneros. However our Head Chef wanted a kick in the mouth that then made you ask for more. He found in his testing that the only pepper that would render this flavor reaction was the Scotch Bonnet pepper (Caribbean Hot Pepper) found mainly in the Caribbean islands. You will notice that your mouth gets a firm kick when your eating our Scotch Bonnet Beef Jerky but shortly after your mouth waters the spicy fades away leaving you asking for more!

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Our Ketogenic Jerky unlike other brands is flavorful and developed to assist in your Ketogenic lifestyle, offering a solution to the lacking field of Keto Friendly Jerky.

Our Keto Jerky comes in 1oz packages, which make it extremely easy to take with you! Some have told us that it makes our jerky a great Keto on-the-go Snack for their kids.

We know many of us love our cocktails and mixed drinks, but have you thought of topping off your favorite drink with a little shredded jerky. It is surprisingly tasty, we will post a few articles about it from time to time on our jerky blog